November 23, 2007

We drove past this farm often and would see a huge windmill in the back that had major damage to it.  The top had been tied off during a storm and the wind had bent the tower in half. We have always thought a windmill would look great on our property so we stopped and asked the owners if it was for sale.  At first the owner said no but after a few minutes he agreed to sell it to us.  He said that lots of people stop by and ask if it is for sale but they never come back.  We wanted this very badly and the price was right so we told him we would be back the next weekend and begin the disassembly. These are the pictures of us taking this monster down.  It only took one day to dismantle using only hand tools.

Now that the blades and the top were removed, we had to take the tower down.  Rather than do it one piece at a time, we lowered it intact.

Click Here to Watch the Video of the Tower Coming Down